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About Us

About Us

The history of the kandora is culturally rich and diverse, much like the people who wear it. Ancient illustrations and manuscripts depict versatile styles of Arabian clothing – ranging from ornate headwear to regal linen robes. While a significant number of our Arabian ancestors can be observed to be adorning simpler garments, these linen robes were reserved for the nobles and social elite. Over time, this article of clothing has become increasingly more accessible and popular among dwellers of the Arabian Peninsula. Depending on where you hail from, it could be called everything from a thawb to a kandura and even a dishdasha. It is a timeless symbol of national pride and patriotism.


It is an embodiment of Arabian culture, so we design our products to deliver confidence and comfort in a single outfit. Whether it’s a business meeting, a social gathering or just a sweet little dinner with your parents – the kandora has witnessed countless occasions.

These countless occasions are often accompanied with countless hours spent at the tailor, either waiting in line or getting your measurements taken. While the tradition of the kandora continues to prevail, the slow and steady lifestyle of our ancestors has evolved into a faster one in modern times. Time is money, and to help you save both, D2D Tailoring is at your service.

We are a door-to-door tailoring service that specializes in crafting the Arabic national dress for men. In the UAE, a service that offers kandoras is barely a unique idea. What distinguishes us from the rest is the materials we use. The exclusive and irresistibly luxurious Japanese fabrics that our tailors use cannot be found anywhere else in the UAE. Not even at that one tailor you might know in the dark alleys of Satwa, who claims to have every single fabric under the sun. At D2D Tailoring, our main objective is not to build profits; but to build relationships. We want to be passed down along generations. Getting not only yourself but your family members measured every time an occasion comes along can be hectic, to say the least. We’re here to turn the hassle into harmony.

Don’t let endless lines at the tailor’s shop and all the admin associated with it steal the spotlight from your special day. Let us handle all that by bringing the entire experience to you. From birthdays to Eids and most importantly, weddings, we want to be there for it all. If you’ve got a tourist friend in town and want to give him a taste of that legendary Arabian hospitality, skip the postcards and gift him a kandora instead. That’s one souvenir he’s sure to never forget.

The added benefit of the fabrics we use is that they have been specially selected to beat the UAE’s summer heat. So while your friends are melting in their kandoras, you’ll be walking around cooler than an ice cube. Say goodbye to sweat blemishes and say hello to a brand new reality. When the winter breeze rolls in and the temperatures drop, be sure to update your seasonal look with our collection of warmer kandoras featuring darker fabrics. We’ve got you covered, 365 days a year!